Hingham Institution for Savings

Here’s my latest entry in my list of great stocks that no one knows about. It’s surprising how many of them are out there.

This stock is the Hingham Institution for Savings (HIFS). Here’s the stock in red against the S&P 500 in blue.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

Hingham Institution for Savings is a Massachusetts-chartered savings bank located in Hingham, Massachusetts. Incorporated in 1834, it is one of America’s oldest banks. The Bank’s Main Office is located in Hingham and the Bank maintains offices on the South Shore, in Boston (South End and Beacon Hill), and on the island of Nantucket. The Bank is also an active commercial real estate lender in the Greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

I can’t say the company has raised its dividend every year. I believe they’ve skipped a couple. I think they’re currently on 10 straight years, but that understates HIFS return because the company often issues special dividends.

HIFS’s market cap is currently $420 million. There are about 2.1 million shares outstanding, and an average of 4,000 trade each day. That’s very low. It’s about one-third the rate of trading that you’ll see in shares of Citigroup.

Given the red line in the chart above, you’d think that HIFS is widely followed on Wall Street? Guess again. It’s not followed by a single Wall Street analyst.