All-Time High for the Nasdaq

The Nasdaq Composite has rallied for six days in a row and closed Friday at an all-time high.

On January 26, the Nasdaq closed at 7,505.77. Yesterday, exactly six weeks later, the index closed at 7,560.81.

If you’re into market turning points, this has been a big time of year for them:

March 9, 2009 low close
March 10, 2000 Nasdaq high close
March 11, 2003 low close

Does anyone remember when shares of AFLAC plunged after a critical article? I do. It happened on January 12. The stock lost 7.4% in one day.

I’m pleased to report that AFLAC has made back all of its lost ground. On Friday, the stock came within three pennies of a new all-time high. Friday’s close was one penny below the close from January 11.