MetLife Auto Insurance Review for 2019

Founded in 1868, MetLife Insurance is one of the longest-serving players in the insurance industry in the United States. Though it does not top the charts, it is among those companies you can’t simply ignore, especially if you’re a new driver.

The auto insurer receives some fair rankings from the most reputable industry powerhouses, such as J.D Power and A.M Best.

MetLife Auto Insurance Coverage

MetLife Auto Insurance offers various coverage options to vehicle owners. Additionally, they have a partnership with Lyft to cover drivers who work with the ride-sharing app.

This cover is a real distinction in the market as no other auto insurance company offers this type of cover for drivers that work with ride-sharing or cab-hailing apps.

The auto insurer offers some discounts, though MetLife Auto Insurance does not offer as many discounts as its competitors in the auto insurance industry. It does have a few discounts that can help you make good savings on your auto insurance cover. 

Some of the discounts this company offers its customers include the Good Student discount and the Defensive Driving Course discount.

One of the most exciting features about MetLife insurance is that with it, you can get auto insurance coverage in up to fifty states in the United States.

Not very many auto insurance companies have such a powerful presence in as many states in the country.

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Types of Insurance Available from MetLife

As a policyholder who is covered by MetLife Auto Insurance cover, you have access to the following products:

Custom Sound Equipment Coverage

Some car owners love entertainment, so they may want to customize their sound systems to fit their audio needs. In the insurance market, there aren’t many insurers who will let you cover your custom sound equipment. The assumption is that this was not originally bought with the car and therefore that liability is on you.

MetLife, however, allows you to cover your custom sound equipment and get compensated accordingly in case of an accident.  

New Car Replacement

If you want to replace your car in the near future, MetLife car replacement cover might just be what you need to achieve that goal. This cover guarantees that if you have a new car that has been insured by MetLife, and it has a mileage of below 15,000 miles and is less than a year old, you can claim a new one.

It’ll be much easier and cheaper if you have a clean traffic record, but of course, they must do necessary due diligence. Not so many people get compensated by auto insurers when their cars get damaged beyond repair. With MetLife car replacement cover, you’ll never worry about that.


For many ride-sharing drivers, getting a custom auto insurance plan is an uphill task as most insurers tend to shy away from the risk associated with ride-sharing apps. However, if you are on Lyft’s platform and are in the following states, you do qualify for cover; Colorado, Illinois, Texas, California, and Washington.

The cover applies when you are waiting for a customer, when you are driving to go and pick up a passenger, and when you are driving with the passenger in the car.

Car Damage Assistance

In the event of a road accident, you’re the one who’s going to pay for towing services. MetLife offers to cover you for the towing fees should your car get damaged while you are on the road. Additionally, the company will also help cover the rental expenses for another car while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired.

This rental car coverage is about $25 daily, up to a total of $750 for the duration that you will be renting the car.

Gap Coverage

As the name suggests, this type of coverage fills the gap in your car value if it’s less than the amount you still have to pay off. MetLife will pay the difference between the value of the car and the amount that remains on the car lease or loan.

Not many insurers provide this coverage, and other people are required to meet the difference when financing or leasing a car, which can get heavy.

Which Discounts Can You Get?

Although we have mentioned that MetLife does not offer very many discounts when compared to its competitors on the market, the discounts they do offer are an exceptional benefit to its customers, including:

Good Student

With good grades in school, as a student, you are going to get some discounts when you apply for an auto cover with MetLife. The discounts that you can get under this special discount can be up to 15% on the premiums to be paid. It is a good deal for motivated students who’ve just bought their first car and would like to take advantage of the discount during their time in school.

Defensive Driving

Have you taken a defensive driving course? If so, then you qualify for a discount at MetLife when you apply for auto cover. MetLife recognizes this extra effort and will give you a discount on your premiums if this skill is on your driving license.

How is Customer Experience?

When it comes to the relationship with its customers, MetLife does not live up to its reputation as one of the longest-serving auto insurance dealers in the United States. Several industry ratings do bring this to the fore, with the likes of Better Business Bureau rating MetLife at an embarrassing D-.

This grade is a meager rating considering that many of its competitors will rank above a B+ in the same polls. A.M Best Rating gives MetLife a better ranking of A+, but the reality on the ground shows a stark difference between these ratings and the customer service that MetLife offers.

Although the company has favorable premium rates on most of its auto insurance policies, other supporting components to do not function optimally. A good example is their mobile app that is available on both the Android and Apple platforms.

You cannot process a claim through the app, but you can pay your premiums through it. Customer care can be reached via the app as well, but you will experience long periods of waiting before getting through to anyone for assistance. Additionally, the insurer’s website is one of the most poorly rated in the market in terms of responsiveness.

Should You Buy a Policy with MetLife Insurance?

MetLife is, without a doubt, a leader in the insurance industry. Its reputation as one of the longest-serving companies is also a factor that has made a lot of people trust the company.

When it comes to auto insurance, however, MetLife does not offer as many benefits as its competitors. Additionally, its discounts may not appeal to a wide range of customers.

For new car owners, however, MetLife Auto Insurance Cover is an excellent option. For students who are looking to capitalize on their good grades in school to get auto insurance cover discounts, it’s also a winning formula.

So, should you buy a policy with MetLife Insurance? Ultimately, you are the only one that can decide.

Be sure to get quotes from different insurers and compare them before deciding on which policy to buy.  

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